Last Update 20.01.2020
Technical Specifications Of GZ1117DN-25/PH
Technical Specifications Of GZ1117DN-25/PH
Parameter Name GZ1117DN-25/PH
WaveformApproximately Delta-function
Amplitude, no less 25 V
Polarity negative
Waveform ringing, no more±7%
(before and 0,2 ns after main pulses)
Pulse Width, no more (30+2) ps
Triggeringexternal (3÷5) V/50 Ohm,
rise time 2 ns max
duration 5 ns min
recommended from GZ9010NA(GZ9011NAR), GZ1106DL2 or GZ1105DLP3
Derived Output0,5 V min @ 50 Ohm
SMA socket
Maximal Pulse Repetition Frequency 1 MHz
Impedance 50 Ohm
Jitter (RMS), no more 2,5 ps
Power Supply, V+(12,5± 1,5) V
Consumption Current (measured @ 1 MHz PRF), no more 250 mA @12 V
Type of HF Connector2,92 mm socket
Dimensions(65x28x150) mm
Weight0,38 kg

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