Last Update 03.08.2021
Technical Specifications Of SD-10820
Technical Specifications Of SD-10820
Parameter NameSD-10820
Number of ChannelsUp to 8
Data exchangeUSB–2, LPT
Maximal Sampling Rate1 MHz
Bandwidth of channel(0.2÷20) GHz
Input impedance50 Ohm
Dynamic range±0,5 V
ADC discrete value12
Noise factor (RMS)1.8 mV
(after substruction of 0 line)
Number of averaging1024 (adjustable)
Accuracy of amplitude measurements(Ux / 1000 mV+40mV/Ux)%
Zero Drift of Y-axis1 mV
Time Base(0.002 ÷ 20) ns/div
(adjustable with step 0.002 ns/div)
Coarse Delay:100 ns
Number of samples in time window4096 max
Short-time triggering instability (Jitter) in TDR Mode
with test Pulse Generator Head
8.0 ps (2.0 ps RMS)
@ Fine Delay 0÷1 ns
Accuracy of time measurements±(5 + 0,001T)ps
RF connectorsSMA
connectors with waterproof cups
System time drift< 15 ps/hour
(with Generator)
Temperature range(+5÷ +35) °C
Power SupplyDC + External AC/DC converter
Power Supply Unit GZ8012PSD AC main (90÷260)V 50–60 Hz

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