Last Update 23.03.2022
Technical Specifications Of GZ10M2
Technical Specifications Of GZ10M2
Parameter NameGZ10M2
Number of channels2
Bandwidth of channels(0,1÷10,6) GHz
Dynamic range ±500 mV
Sensitivity range(1 ÷ 200) mV/div
CW offset (-500 ÷+ 500) mV
Noise RMS max1,2 mV
Number of ADC discretes12
Averaging number (max)4096
Input impedance of Channel inputs50 Ohm
Time interval resolution1,5 ps/point
Time Window100 ns/screen
Operating modeInternal(TDR)
Operation System32 or 64 bit
Windows 7/Win10 Operation System
Power SupplyDC (10,5–14,5)V
PRF 1,0 MHz; 500 kHz; 200 kHz
100 kHz; 50 kHz
Delay adjustment range160 ns
(8 steps 20 ns each)
Maximal Number of points for Time Window4096
Minimum Requirements for external PCUSB 2.0
Consumption @12 V1300 mA @ 12 V
Dimensions (210 x 74 x 220) mm
Weight, no more2,5 kg
Operating temperature range(+5÷+35)°C
Storage temperature(-25 ÷ +60)°C
Humidity95% (at 30°C)

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