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Antenna GZ00803ANL
Antenna GZ00803ANL

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Shielded Loaded Bow Tie Antenna GZ00803ANL is intended for indoor and outdoor ultra-wideband applications
Technical Specifications Of GZ00803ANL
Technical Specifications Of GZ00803ANL

Antenna TypeShielded Loaded Bow-Tie Antenna
ConnectorN, Female
Dimensions (WxHxL)900x1100x500 mm
E-plane @ -3dB Beam Width90÷46÷40 °
Frequency range80÷300 MHz
Gain @ 190 MHz4,30 dBI
Gain @ 300 MHz4,40 dBi
Gain @ 80 MHz−4,80 dBi
H-plane @ -3dB Beam Width140÷110÷140 °
Parameter NameValue (Nominal) for
PolarizationLinear Vertical
Weight9 kg

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