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Technical Characteristics Of GZPU-1-150
Technical Characteristics Of GZPU-1-150

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GZPU-1-150 is a medium duty precision 1-axis Positioner in azimuth plane with vertical loading up to 300 kg and maximal torque 1840 Nm.
Positioner is intended for positioning not symmetric, large size objects.
Fields of application: Far & Near Fields Antenna measurements, ISAR measurements.

Technical Specifications Of GZPU-1-150
Technical Specifications Of GZPU-1-150

Number of axes1
Vertical loading300 kg
Maximal torque of azimuth1840 Nm
Max backlash of azimuth0.1°
Azimuth limit-to-limit travel0 ÷ 360°
ControlVia RS-232 (RS-485)
Control cable length5 m
Temperature Range (− 10÷ +40) °C
Environments for PositionerIP54
Power Source: AC 230 V/ 16 A
Controller dimensions(600x400x250) mm
Controller weight20 kg

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