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Technical Characteristics Of GZPU-3-300
Technical Characteristics Of GZPU-3-300

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GZPU-3-300 is a medium duty precision Pol /Az / El Positioner with vertical loading up to 300 kg.
Fields of application: Far & Near Fields Antenna measurements, ISAR measurements.

Technical Specifications Of GZPU-3-300
Technical Specifications Of GZPU-3-300

Number of axes3
ConfigurationMoveable Polarization
per Azimuth
per Elevation
Vertical loading300 kg
Maximal torque of azimuth647 Nm
Max torque of elevation1840 Nm
Max torque of polarization647 Nm
Max backlash of azimuth0.1°
Max backlash of elevation0.1°
Max backlash of polarization0.1°
Azimuth limit-to-limit travel0 ÷ 360°
Elevation limit-to-limit travel±95°
Polarization limit-to-limit travel0 ÷ 360°
ControlVia RS-485 (RS-485)
Control cable length5 m
Temperature Range (− 10÷ +40) °C
Environments for PositionerIP54
Power Source: AC 230 V/ 25 A
Controller dimensions(700x600x300) mm
Controller weight45 kg

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