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Pulse splitter - non linear pulse amplifier GZ9012SNA1-X
Pulse splitter - non linear pulse amplifier GZ9012SNA1-X

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1 in 16Ch Pulse Splitter - Non Linear Pulse Amplifier GZ9012SNA1-X recommended as pulse splitter for multichannel triggering of Pulse Generators or other units, that require different trigger signals with amplitude or duration into 50 Ohm, than has customer trigger source.
Each of the 16 channels can be adjusted separately according to customer requirements.
Technical Specifications Of GZ9012SNA1-X
Technical Specifications Of GZ9012SNA1-X

Parameter NameGZ9012SNA1-X
Number of inputs1
Number of outputsup to 16
Output WaveformPositive Pulse
Output amplitude into 50 Ohm,
(1,5 ÷ 10) V
fixed during order
Rise time, (20/80)%,
no more
2,0 ns
Fall time,(20/80)%,
no more
3,0 ns
Pulse width, nominal15÷55 ns
fixed during order
Max Duty Cycle30 %
Front Jitter (rms), no more3 ps
Ringing p-p, no more0,1 x Amplitude
Input signalvoltage low level 0 V
voltage high level (0,5÷5,0) V/50 Ohm
rise time 2,5 ns max
duration 5 ns min
Max Pulse Repetition Frequency10 MHz
Impedance, nominal50 Ohm
Type of HF ConnectorsSMA socket
Temperature Range(+5÷+35)°:C
Temperature of gase
Consumption current, no more
(measured at PRF max)
400 mA @12 V
Power SupplyDC +(12,5 ± 1,5) V

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