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Pulse Generator Head GZH1117A
Pulse Generator Head GZH1117A

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Built-In Pulse Generator Head GZH1117A is designed for generation of negative high speed electrical pulses with short duration for different UWB applications
Technical Specifications Of GZH1117A
Technical Specifications Of GZH1117A

Parameter Name GZH1117A
WaveformApproximately Delta-function
Amplitude, no less 13,5 V
Amplitude, typical15 V
Polarity negative
Waveform ringing, no more±12%
(before and 0,3 ns after main pulses)
Pulse Width, no more (35±5) ps (36÷44 ps taking into consideration rise time of 20GHz converter)
Triggeringexternal (3÷5) V/50 Ohm,
rise time 2 ns max
duration 5 ns min
recommended from GZ9010NA(GZ9011NAR), GZ1106DL2 or GZ1105DLP3
Maximal Pulse Repetition Frequency 50 MHz
Impedance 50 Ohm
Jitter (RMS), no more 2,5 ps
Power Supply, V+(12,5± 1,5) V
Consumption Current (measured @ 1 MHz PRF), no more 500 mA @12 V
Type of HF ConnectorSMA socket

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